Donation Delivery Policy

The Foundation for Constructive Civic Engagement (FCCE) operates as a donor advised fund.  All donations made to the FCCE are handled in accordance with the following guidelines.

Donations Made to FCCE

All donations made through FCCE programs are made to FCCE, an IRS-registered 501(c)(3) public charity (Federal Tax ID: 82-1298853), as the charity of record. Donors will receive a dated receipt of donation from FCCE marking the date the donation was made to FCCE. All grants made by FCCE are effected in a manner that is consistent with our policies and applicable laws and regulations.

The FCCE enrollment status of a charity will determine the method and speed at which we grant funds to that charity. As described below, FCCE pursues multiple specified steps to grant donations it receives to its donors’ recommended charities. Pending distribution of grants, FCCE holds all donations in a secure, bank account.

Through certain partner programs, donors may have the option to recommend that we grant the funds they donate to charities they identify. FCCE attempts to grant donations made to benefit charities that have not enrolled with FCCE after making reasonable attempts to contact them and invite their enrollment in FCCE. We receive information about these charities from our partnership with GuideStar.  We will grant funds to an un-enrolled charity provided that we have verified the charity’s identity and conducted an appropriate level of due diligence into the charity, its officers and directors to confirm that it does not promote hate, violence, racial intolerance, and does not engage in money laundering or other illegal activities.

We will first notify an un-enrolled charity about FCCE’s intent to grant it funds the month after donors have first indicated a desire to support it, and we will invite the charity to enroll with FCCE, enabling it to receive funds quickly and securely. We will make multiple subsequent attempts to contact un-enrolled charities, via email, letter and, in some cases, by phone. If a charity does not enroll with FCCE, we endeavor to deliver the grant funds by other appropriate means, including via check. If a charity does not enroll and we are unable to pay the charity by check (e.g., a check is returned or is not cashed within the time period specified on the check), we may, at our discretion, remove the charity from our directory of eligible charities and reassign funds in the manner described below.

Reassignment of Certain Donations

While we take multiple steps to attempt to grant donated funds according to the donor's identified preference, FCCE retains exclusive control over all donations. If a charity fails to meet FCCE’s due diligence standards as described above for receipt of a donation at any time, we reserve the right to reassign funds to another charitable organization of our choice. We may also reassign donations in the event we are unable to distribute the funds successfully (e.g., the charity fails to cash the check(s) we send).

The tax-deductible status of a donation does not change if funds are reassigned because FCCE is the charitable organization of record for the donor’s original donation.

When reassigning funds, FCCE will try to select charities that operate in a similar cause area (and sometimes a similar location) to the charity originally identified by the donor. In doing so, we favor charities that have enrolled with FCCE, to enable efficient, secure and cost-effective delivery to charities. For example, if we are unable to enroll, or deliver a check to, an unenrolled local organization providing housing services, we may reassign the funds to a FCCE enrolled national organization, or to a nearby local organization that also provides housing services.