Since 2017, we have provided a means for constructively engaging with the world around us.  


Our Mission

Social media has changed the world.  With billions of people interacting every day, our opportunities to engage, learn and empathize are unprecedented.  Unfortunately, social media interaction is, instead, often characterized by antagonism and spite that have crept into our daily lives.  Concerned that this trend is damaging our democratic and social fabric, the Foundation for Constructive Civic Engagement was established to foster constructive engagement both on and off the internet.  On social media, FCCE aims to promote social and political discourse that is substantive rather than vitriolic.  Offline, FCCE supports local efforts to improve the places we all call home.  By working to promote positive engagement in our virtual and physical communities, FCCE hopes to improve the quality of civic interaction in America and beyond.  

How we Operate

In partnership with React Social the Foundation for Constructive Civic Engagement operates as a Donor Advised Fund, providing a mechanism for small donations to be made and earmarked for other non-profit organizations.